A Research Project Sponsored by Office of Operations Research and Development
FHWA through US DOT Small Business Innovative Research

Online Bi-Monthly SSAM and ETFOMM Workshop and Hands-on



Thanks for your respond to our TRB workshop, due to your and our tighter schedule, we decide to host bi-week workshop. For those already signed-in, we will contact you for an online workshop. We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this may cause.



1.      8-9AM SSAM and ETFOMM Overview and Updates (Joe Bared, FHWA)

History of SSAM and New Updates on SSAM

ETFOMM Project Objectives and Progresses

2.      9-10AM SSAM Hands-on and Programming (Rachel James, FHWA and Li Zhang, NGS)


Parallel Computing in SSAM

Updates in TRJ format

C++ Programing and Functions

SSAM Programming Hands-on[1]

SSAM Application Hands-on[2]

3.      10-11AM ETFOMM Application Examples, Updates, and Functions (Li Zhang, NGS)

Real world Network Examples (DDI, Diamond Interchange, Roundabout etc.)

Educational Examples

Connected Vehicle Research Examples

4.      11AM-12 ETFOMM Source Code and Hands-on[3] (Tom Simmerman, NGS)

Source Code Overview

Hands-on 1: Changing Traffic Signal Controller Logic

Hands-on 2: Using different car-following logic to replace ETFOMM Car-following Logic

5.      1-2PM ETFOMM ETAPI/WCF Hands-on[4] (Li Zhang, NGS)

ETAPI Web/Mobile Interface

Changing Cycle length/Offset/Split

Changing Free Flow Speed on Freeway

6.      2-4PM ETFOMM Modelling Hands-on[5]


Actuated control intersection

Simple freeway with a weaving section

Simple freeway with on/off ramps

7.      4-5PM Suggestions on future directions/Discussions/Additional Items/Q&As



1.      Workshop is free for all participates

2.      NGS Agenda may be changed depending on the number of participants

3.      If there are not enough participants, NGS may reschedule the workshop/hands-on in 2018 TRB

4.      For all hands-on segments, participants will need to bring their own laptops (Mac/Windows) with the software in the footnotes.

5.      Registration is encouraged for a seat at www.etfomm.org. The room is limited to have 30 seats. For participation on Hands-on, registration is required to access the cloud simulation software and thumb drive including training materials. Our Microsoft cloud access is limited to 20 participates now. Seats and cloud access is on first come first serve basis.

[1] Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and above required

[2] Microsoft Cloud App Required, Microsoft Account Required to use Microsoft Cloud APP (Required by Microsoft).    Microsoft offers App and account for free if you don’t have them already.

[3] Intel FORTRAN 2013 and above required



Microsoft signup located near the middle of the page